Top 6 Favorite Lush Cosmetics & Review

My two tween daughters love Lush Cosmetics.  And I love the fact that they actually want to wash their hair and take care of themselves!  Mommy win!  I let my oldest daughter write this review because she is the one who does the research and tests all the products listed.  I would highly recommend Lush to any tween or teenager, you cannot go wrong with all natural products.  Great gift idea too.


Lush is a fresh handmade cosmetic brand that sells anything from bath bombs, to makeup supplements. Standing by their Core Values, such as fighting animal testing, and reduced packaging, Lush has grown as a brand name, stretching across the globe. They sell many different kinds of products, from soap, bath bombs, face masks, shampoo/conditioner, make-up, shower gel, lip gloss, perfume and scrubs.



My Top 6 Favorite Lush Products

1)  Rehab Shampoo

This shampoo is one of my all-time favorites because it cleanses your scalp.  It takes away any grease and access oils from your scalp, and keeps your hair shiny and healthy.  It is made with papaya, pineapple, and kiwi juices that help clean your hair throughout.  The scent is slightly minty, but fairly subtle.  Rehab specializes in refurbishing hair from root to tip.  Because Lush’s shampoos have a significantly lower amount of sulfates, this shampoo will not foam up as much as a shampoo that you are used to.  But the less sulfates, the less chemicals, so your hair will be healthy and shining in no time!

2)  Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly

Shower jellies are an amazing way to release stress and feel young at heart again, all while becoming clean!  Shower jellies are a jelly body wash, and lush has many available, and even some for the holidays! Santa’s belly Shower Jelly, which is my particular favorite, smells of fresh apples, but is not very sweetly smelling, which creates a subtle woodsy smell.  Plus, it is also shaped as a circle with a belt buckle, just like Santa’s belly.  Shower jellies are fun to use too, all you have to do is break a small piece off and lather up.  And if you can’t get a jelly during Christmas, when they have exclusives, they have others that they sell year round. Some include 93,000 miles, Refresher, and Whoosh.  These jiggly jellies also make great Christmas presents!



3)  Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser

Dark Angels has worked wonders for me. It has reduced acne and pimples, and takes any bad oils off my face.  The cleanser also acts as a gentle scrub, exfoliating any rough or dry spots.  The cleanser is easy to use. Simply take a small pea-size piece, mix with water to create a paste, and rub all over your face, especially over any areas of acne.  I like to do this right before I jump in the shower, that way I can wash it off then.  Dark Angels does smell slightly of licorice, but is diffidently bearable.  If you have dry or combination skin, I would recommend Let the Good Times Roll or Angels on Bare Skin, which are two other amazing cleansers Lush sells year round.  Dark Angels will help any oily/ problematic skin in just a week or two.

4)  Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion

How could I not include this amazing product?  This was the first product I ever bought under the Lush brand, and I have loved it ever since.  The lotion is fairly thick, but very moisturizing.  This lotion is great after a shave, or on any dry areas.  And I would say the best part is that 100% of the proceeds from Charity Pot go directly to numerous charities.  The charities that Lush supports can be found on the top sticker of any of the Charity Pots.  Not only is the lotion amazing for the skin, but it supports local charities.

5)  Rub Rub Rub Solid Shower Scrub

This scrub is an amazing exfoliator.  The scrub is gentle and manageable, without rubbing the skin raw.  Rub Rub Rub leaves your skin silky smooth, and is the perfect scrub for the colder months, when everyone’s skin is dry, especially mine.  It smells lightly of lemons and limes, and since it is a solid product, Lush sells a metal tin to store the scrub bar.  And if a solid scrub is not your forte, Lush also provides a liquid version of the scrub. Lush also sells other scrubs such as Rough with the Smooth Shower Scrub, and for the Christmas months, they bring out Salt and Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub.  But, no matter which scrub you decide to pick up at your next visit, they will all have your skin feeling silky smooth!


6)  Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo bar

These are amazing.  They look like a hockey puck but are actually shampoo.  Although the product does not look like it produces much later, it foams up like no other! They have several kinds to choose from, based on your hair needs.  Jason and the Argan Oil works best for my hair, and it smells like roses!  They last about 80 washes, which is incredible.  They are super easy to travel with too, (especially if you get the tin), no airline restrictions here!  These are a signature product for Lush and a must-have, and they are only $10-$12.  (Oh and they make your hair smell beautiful).




Some tips-

  • The reason I do not have any bath bombs, or bubble bars listed is mainly because there are so many that I love. The best way to tell if you will like a bubble bar or bath bomb is simply, If you like the smell and color, you will most probably like the product. They are pretty much your preference, so have fun picking your favorites!
  •  Also, every time you buy a product, Lush provides you with a free sample of another product you may want to try.    Yippee!
  • Pricing is reasonable.  Most products in the $10-$40 range.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Lush and their awesome products! #Seriously2004

P.S.  (From #Seriously1975)  I think I have a future blogger on my hands.