Perfect Gift for Busy Moms- the Apple Watch Product Review


Last Christmas I got an Apple Watch.  I didn’t ask for one, I actually asked for a Yeti, but they were sold out so my husband got me one, and one himself.  I really think he got me one just because he wanted one and he knew I would not buy him one, but that is another blog.

So I got the Apple Watch <img draggable= (7000 series).  And I love it! Best Christmas present since my electric toothbrush, 6 years ago, seriously.

Here are the reasons I love my Apple Watch 7000 series.

1).  The text alert is awesome.  My phone is always buried in my purse or not around me so I miss a lot of text and phone calls.  But with the watch, it vibrates and sets off a tone so I know I have a new message, and I can read the message on the watch.

2).  It has a built-in fit bit and keeps track of exercise, distance and standing.  It also encourages me to keep moving to meet my daily move goal and cheers for me when I have doubled or tripled my move goal.  It is like a coach and cheerleader attached to your wrist!

3).  The heart rate monitor is great for tracking when you are moving or at rest.  I have thyroid issue so I like to keep an eye on my heart rate daily.

4).  They say it is not water-resistant, but it is. I wear it running, showering and swimming (if I forget to take it off) and I have never had a problem.  A friend of mine wears it in the ocean and has never had a problem either.  However, Apple claims it is not.

5).  It has a cool factor.  People notice it, comment on it, and whatever. But, it definitely gets respect.

6).  The voice texting is so easy and fun.  You feel like inspector Gadget but it works well and is very convenient especially when driving.  You can also send emojis and sample responses with one touch.

7).  It always has a back light so you can see it in the dark.  You can also switch the faces depending on your mood.  My favorite is the butterfly screen.

8).  Without taking your phone out, you can check the weather, your location, your calendar, your mail, your texts and have a stopwatch.  Convenience!

9).  I have accidentally hit and dropped the watch a few times and it has not broken, even without a cover.  It is sturdy and durable.

10).  Because no one knows what you are doing, you can get away with texting in places where you shouldn’t be, like work or your kid’s school. <img draggable=

11).  If you cannot find your phone, which happens daily for me, there is a “ping my phone” button, and it makes your phone beep loudly so you can find it.  Time saver!

There are a few negatives I would like to mention, although they are minor.

1).  The battery has to be charged daily.  I take it off every night and hook it up to a charger.   There has been a few time when I have been very active and up a long time that it has died within 20 hours.

2).  The price, is out of reach for some, but is coming down and they offer a less expensive model now.

3).  It works off Bluetooth, so you have to be within 30 feet of your phone <img draggable= to get messages and such.  The time, date, old messages, and hear rate monitor always work.

4).  The watch has to be tight on your wrist otherwise it locks out and the functions will not work.  You have to enter your passcode to unlock it.

Even with some minor issues, I would highly recommend the Apple Watch.  It went from something I didn’t even want to something I rely on.   Especially good for busy, active mom’s (who are hard to buy for) and who can never seem to find her phone.  No, not me.