Out With The Old, In With The New


Yesterday I bought a new pair of running shoes, not just a new shoe but a new brand of shoes.  So what is the big deal, you ask?  Well, my last brand, Brooks Dyad, brought me from a novice runner to a marathon runner.  They were my first investment in my running adventure.  They never gave me one blister, on injury, one problem.  They carried me 2,500 miles.  I loved those shoes.  In running, shoes can make or break you, and those shoes made me.  They made me love running.

But, I felt like it was time to move on.  To have a fresh start.  I have read articles about other brands and thought maybe I could benefit from a change.  Maybe a new pair of shoes could make me faster, stronger, more motivated?  Who knows.  But, I was finally willing to take that step.  I was actually kind of hesitant, scared of potential issues I might have, injuries or buyers remorse.  Needless to say I bit the bullet, coughed up $130 and bought a pair of Hoka’s.

The irony of getting a new brand of shoes on the day we elected a new President hit me.  Not just a new President, but a new brand of President, Republican.   For the last 8 years America has survived under President Obama.  We didn’t go to nuclear war, there were changes made in health care (no opinions there) and our country had its first African-American President.  It was not perfect, but we all survived.  Maybe with some shin splints and blisters along the way, but in the end, we completed the marathon.

But now, it’s time to try a new shoe, a new President.  One with new colors, new pace, and a new outlook.  A clean-cut and a fresh start.   It’s a different mold, a different sole but still capable.  Yes, we are hesitant, can this new shoe be trusted, will it cause some pain along the way, will it carry us the mileage that we need?  Who knows.  We shouldn’t judge before we even try them on.  Sometimes you just have to say goodbye to the old, and in with the new. We need to pace ourselves and keep moving forward.

As for the other brand of shoe that America didn’t buy, the one with pink laces, it just wasn’t her time.  She ran a tough race but in the end, got beat.  I would have liked to seen a female president, but like in running races, men have an advantage.  The shoes with the pink laces had issues.  But she stood the test of time and serious trials, and somehow was still standing on two feet.   She just wasn’t fast enough.  Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

There are several tools in running that can make a run great.  Breathing, stretching and a positive outlook.  So my advice for America is take some deep breaths, the election is over and our new President is here.  Stretch and warm-up, the race is starting soon.  Keep a positive outlook, look for the beauty, and find the peace.

I went for a test run in my new shoes today.  An easy 6 miles.  A little off-balance at first, but it felt good, no pain, and I felt new.  These shoes are solid, strong enough to carry me many miles.  There may be issues down the path, but I am confident they can be worked out, just like with our new President.