Top 6 Favorite Lush Cosmetics & Review

My two tween daughters love Lush Cosmetics.  And I love the fact that they actually want to wash their hair and take care of themselves!  Mommy win!  I let my oldest daughter write this review because she is the one who does the research and tests all the products listed.  I would highly recommend Lush to any tween or teenager, you cannot go wrong with all natural products.  Great gift idea too.


Lush is a fresh handmade cosmetic brand that sells anything from bath bombs, to makeup supplements. Standing by their Core Values, such as fighting animal testing, and reduced packaging, Lush has grown as a brand name, stretching across the globe. They sell many different kinds of products, from soap, bath bombs, face masks, shampoo/conditioner, make-up, shower gel, lip gloss, perfume and scrubs.



My Top 6 Favorite Lush Products

1)  Rehab Shampoo

This shampoo is one of my all-time favorites because it cleanses your scalp.  It takes away any grease and access oils from your scalp, and keeps your hair shiny and healthy.  It is made with papaya, pineapple, and kiwi juices that help clean your hair throughout.  The scent is slightly minty, but fairly subtle.  Rehab specializes in refurbishing hair from root to tip.  Because Lush’s shampoos have a significantly lower amount of sulfates, this shampoo will not foam up as much as a shampoo that you are used to.  But the less sulfates, the less chemicals, so your hair will be healthy and shining in no time!

2)  Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly

Shower jellies are an amazing way to release stress and feel young at heart again, all while becoming clean!  Shower jellies are a jelly body wash, and lush has many available, and even some for the holidays! Santa’s belly Shower Jelly, which is my particular favorite, smells of fresh apples, but is not very sweetly smelling, which creates a subtle woodsy smell.  Plus, it is also shaped as a circle with a belt buckle, just like Santa’s belly.  Shower jellies are fun to use too, all you have to do is break a small piece off and lather up.  And if you can’t get a jelly during Christmas, when they have exclusives, they have others that they sell year round. Some include 93,000 miles, Refresher, and Whoosh.  These jiggly jellies also make great Christmas presents!



3)  Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser

Dark Angels has worked wonders for me. It has reduced acne and pimples, and takes any bad oils off my face.  The cleanser also acts as a gentle scrub, exfoliating any rough or dry spots.  The cleanser is easy to use. Simply take a small pea-size piece, mix with water to create a paste, and rub all over your face, especially over any areas of acne.  I like to do this right before I jump in the shower, that way I can wash it off then.  Dark Angels does smell slightly of licorice, but is diffidently bearable.  If you have dry or combination skin, I would recommend Let the Good Times Roll or Angels on Bare Skin, which are two other amazing cleansers Lush sells year round.  Dark Angels will help any oily/ problematic skin in just a week or two.

4)  Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion

How could I not include this amazing product?  This was the first product I ever bought under the Lush brand, and I have loved it ever since.  The lotion is fairly thick, but very moisturizing.  This lotion is great after a shave, or on any dry areas.  And I would say the best part is that 100% of the proceeds from Charity Pot go directly to numerous charities.  The charities that Lush supports can be found on the top sticker of any of the Charity Pots.  Not only is the lotion amazing for the skin, but it supports local charities.

5)  Rub Rub Rub Solid Shower Scrub

This scrub is an amazing exfoliator.  The scrub is gentle and manageable, without rubbing the skin raw.  Rub Rub Rub leaves your skin silky smooth, and is the perfect scrub for the colder months, when everyone’s skin is dry, especially mine.  It smells lightly of lemons and limes, and since it is a solid product, Lush sells a metal tin to store the scrub bar.  And if a solid scrub is not your forte, Lush also provides a liquid version of the scrub. Lush also sells other scrubs such as Rough with the Smooth Shower Scrub, and for the Christmas months, they bring out Salt and Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub.  But, no matter which scrub you decide to pick up at your next visit, they will all have your skin feeling silky smooth!


6)  Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo bar

These are amazing.  They look like a hockey puck but are actually shampoo.  Although the product does not look like it produces much later, it foams up like no other! They have several kinds to choose from, based on your hair needs.  Jason and the Argan Oil works best for my hair, and it smells like roses!  They last about 80 washes, which is incredible.  They are super easy to travel with too, (especially if you get the tin), no airline restrictions here!  These are a signature product for Lush and a must-have, and they are only $10-$12.  (Oh and they make your hair smell beautiful).




Some tips-

  • The reason I do not have any bath bombs, or bubble bars listed is mainly because there are so many that I love. The best way to tell if you will like a bubble bar or bath bomb is simply, If you like the smell and color, you will most probably like the product. They are pretty much your preference, so have fun picking your favorites!
  •  Also, every time you buy a product, Lush provides you with a free sample of another product you may want to try.    Yippee!
  • Pricing is reasonable.  Most products in the $10-$40 range.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Lush and their awesome products! #Seriously2004

P.S.  (From #Seriously1975)  I think I have a future blogger on my hands.

Perfect Gift for Busy Moms- the Apple Watch Product Review


Last Christmas I got an Apple Watch.  I didn’t ask for one, I actually asked for a Yeti, but they were sold out so my husband got me one, and one himself.  I really think he got me one just because he wanted one and he knew I would not buy him one, but that is another blog.

So I got the Apple Watch <img draggable= (7000 series).  And I love it! Best Christmas present since my electric toothbrush, 6 years ago, seriously.

Here are the reasons I love my Apple Watch 7000 series.

1).  The text alert is awesome.  My phone is always buried in my purse or not around me so I miss a lot of text and phone calls.  But with the watch, it vibrates and sets off a tone so I know I have a new message, and I can read the message on the watch.

2).  It has a built-in fit bit and keeps track of exercise, distance and standing.  It also encourages me to keep moving to meet my daily move goal and cheers for me when I have doubled or tripled my move goal.  It is like a coach and cheerleader attached to your wrist!

3).  The heart rate monitor is great for tracking when you are moving or at rest.  I have thyroid issue so I like to keep an eye on my heart rate daily.

4).  They say it is not water-resistant, but it is. I wear it running, showering and swimming (if I forget to take it off) and I have never had a problem.  A friend of mine wears it in the ocean and has never had a problem either.  However, Apple claims it is not.

5).  It has a cool factor.  People notice it, comment on it, and whatever. But, it definitely gets respect.

6).  The voice texting is so easy and fun.  You feel like inspector Gadget but it works well and is very convenient especially when driving.  You can also send emojis and sample responses with one touch.

7).  It always has a back light so you can see it in the dark.  You can also switch the faces depending on your mood.  My favorite is the butterfly screen.

8).  Without taking your phone out, you can check the weather, your location, your calendar, your mail, your texts and have a stopwatch.  Convenience!

9).  I have accidentally hit and dropped the watch a few times and it has not broken, even without a cover.  It is sturdy and durable.

10).  Because no one knows what you are doing, you can get away with texting in places where you shouldn’t be, like work or your kid’s school. <img draggable=

11).  If you cannot find your phone, which happens daily for me, there is a “ping my phone” button, and it makes your phone beep loudly so you can find it.  Time saver!

There are a few negatives I would like to mention, although they are minor.

1).  The battery has to be charged daily.  I take it off every night and hook it up to a charger.   There has been a few time when I have been very active and up a long time that it has died within 20 hours.

2).  The price, is out of reach for some, but is coming down and they offer a less expensive model now.

3).  It works off Bluetooth, so you have to be within 30 feet of your phone <img draggable= to get messages and such.  The time, date, old messages, and hear rate monitor always work.

4).  The watch has to be tight on your wrist otherwise it locks out and the functions will not work.  You have to enter your passcode to unlock it.

Even with some minor issues, I would highly recommend the Apple Watch.  It went from something I didn’t even want to something I rely on.   Especially good for busy, active mom’s (who are hard to buy for) and who can never seem to find her phone.  No, not me.



Movie Review and a Message for the Atheist


The other night I actually had nothing to do.  The kids were with my husband, the laundry was done, the house was clean and I had done my running for the week.  Hmmm, I’ll rent a movie.  So off to Redbox I go and I find a movie that looks intriguing, The Sea of Trees.  Matthew McConaughey and Naomi Watts, must be good.  (A 2015 film directed by Gus Van Sant).  I am biased to movies that make you think, man vs. himself kind of movies, and The Sea of Trees was all about that.

**Spoiler alert**  If you want to see the movie first, go rent it now.

There are so many themes to this movie, but I am going to talk about the most powerful and that is the atheist turned believer.

The movie starts with a solemn looking Matthew McConaughey, Arthur Brennan, getting on a plane to Tokyo, with a one way ticket bought the night before, and no luggage.  He gets to Tokyo and rides in a cab.  You see him go into a forest, the Aokigahara Forest, in his business clothes and trench coat.  There are message boards going into the forest saying “Your life is a precious gift from your parents.”  He sees the body of a dead girl and keeps walking.  He sits down at a tree and very deliberately takes a sip of water, opens a prescription bottle and starts taking the circular blue pills, one by one.  Headache, you think?

The movie unfolds and you come to find out he is there to commit suicide.  In fact his wife said, in a flashback, “find a nice place to die” as her biggest fear was dying in a hospital.   You see him Googling for a nice place to die and the Aokigahara Forest comes up because it is known to be a suicide haven.  But why would this nice professional man want to kill himself?  Well, through a series of flashbacks you discover that he and his wife did not have a great relationship.  She was a functional alcoholic who despised that he was brilliant yet taught at a college for little money.  He had cheated on her, and never got to really know her.  They berated each other in public, it was painfully awkward.

Ok, back to the forest with Arthur sitting by a tree taking pills, he sees this Japanese man, Takumi Nakamura, struggling to walk and he goes over to help him.  The man tells him he is lost and cannot find his way out.  He must go back to his wife and child.  He too was there to commit suicide, as his wrists were cut, (bandaged by our leading man).  He states he didn’t want to die, he just didn’t want to live.   This man is the distraction that stops Arthur from taking pills and together the men attempt to find a way out.  We also learn that Arthur’s wife is dead.  She had a brain tumor but died in an ambulance transfer ride.  There are struggles, it’s cold, no water, multiple injuries.   Then their conversation turns spiritual.

Takumi says “You believe in God.”

“Why would you think that?” Arthur

“Because you are American…if God is not waiting for you on the other side who is?” -Takumi

“I am a scientist.  God is more our creation then we are his.” Arthur

“There are answers for God in science.” -Takumi

“There are answers for everything in science.” Arthur

Takumi goes onto say that this forest is like purgatory, for lost souls, trying to get out, and when one does escape, an orchid blooms.

After a weeping session at the fire pit, Arthur confesses he is so sorry for never getting to know his wife and for treating her so bad.   The guilt of being a bad husband is what is causing him to kill himself.  He regrets not knowing what her favorite book, color and season were.  They fall asleep and wake up during dawn with the Japanese man half dead and Arthur leaving to find the way out (with the help of a walkie-talkie found).  He promises to come back and get him.  Arthur is found by the forest rangers, almost dead, and is brought to a local hospital, where he is treated medically and gets interviewed by a psychiatrist.  Arthur is insistent authorities go find Takumi.  They tell Arthur that they have checked the entrance cameras to the park and that no man entered matching Takumi’s description.  Nor can they find a man by that name.  The rangers even searched the forest and never found his body.

Arthur is discharged from the hospital and heads straight back to the forest to find his Japanese friend.  He uses string and crumpled paper to find his way back, kind of like Hansel and Gretel, a side story, but his wife’s favorite book.  He finds the spot where he left Takumi and lifts the coat to and see an orchid blooming, and no sign of any body.  He takes the orchid with him and heads back to America, with a new-found happiness.

Back in America, Arthur is tutoring a student when the student sees some Japanese word’s Arthur has written, the names of Takumi’s wife and daughter.  “Yellow winter”, the student says, revealing that he can speak Japanese.  Arthur realizes that Takumi’s wife and daughter’s names were actually his wife’s favorite color and season.  He smiles.  He now can sense that his whole experience in the forest was a spiritual awakening, not explained by science.  And such and experience could only be orchestrated by God himself.

Ok, serious doctrinal issues here, I realize this.  But the underlying story is great.  Atheist (scientist) man goes into the forest to kill himself.  He gets sidetracked by a Japanese man, (who was possibly his dead wife’s soul), who seems to ask all the right questions and leaves clues to the atheist’s questions.  Atheist survives and is renewed with hope.   He sees that his near death experience and survival in the forest was by the grace of God.  He also finds happiness in knowing his wife soul is no longer lost, as evidence by the blooming orchid. 

Waaabamm!  Go God!  The message this movie sends to the atheist is simple.  Not believing in God doesn’t change the power God has over you and in your life.  At any given moment, God can present himself to you so you no longer can deny his existence.  You may be sitting there (in a forest), when you are sidetracked (by a japanese man), knocked off course (lost and injured in a sea of trees), saved by the grace of God (Japanese forest rangers), and then have answered questions and happiness that you never imagined (yellow, winter).  God is all-powerful and all-knowing.  Whether or not you belive in Him, does not change the power he has over you.

For example, in the book of Acts in the bible, Saul, later to become the Apostle Paul, was on his way to Demascus, when he was literally blinded by a bright light and the voice of the Resurrected Lord.  Saul at the time was very anti-Christ and was persecuting Christians.  Saul was blind for three days and when a man named Ananias prayed over him he could see again.  He changed his name to Paul and became the greatest Christian missionary of that age, contributing to much of the New Testament in the Bible.

Personally, I was knocked off my course by God as well.  I wouldn’t say I was an atheist, but I thought it was a bunch of fairy tales.  I was doing life miserably when one day while visiting a pre-school, it hit me, God hit me.  I finally understood and my heart was changed.  That was 7 years ago, and my life has never been the same.

Even though The Sea of Trees got horrible reviews, I think it was an interesting story with a deep message for non-believers.  What do you think?


Out With The Old, In With The New


Yesterday I bought a new pair of running shoes, not just a new shoe but a new brand of shoes.  So what is the big deal, you ask?  Well, my last brand, Brooks Dyad, brought me from a novice runner to a marathon runner.  They were my first investment in my running adventure.  They never gave me one blister, on injury, one problem.  They carried me 2,500 miles.  I loved those shoes.  In running, shoes can make or break you, and those shoes made me.  They made me love running.

But, I felt like it was time to move on.  To have a fresh start.  I have read articles about other brands and thought maybe I could benefit from a change.  Maybe a new pair of shoes could make me faster, stronger, more motivated?  Who knows.  But, I was finally willing to take that step.  I was actually kind of hesitant, scared of potential issues I might have, injuries or buyers remorse.  Needless to say I bit the bullet, coughed up $130 and bought a pair of Hoka’s.

The irony of getting a new brand of shoes on the day we elected a new President hit me.  Not just a new President, but a new brand of President, Republican.   For the last 8 years America has survived under President Obama.  We didn’t go to nuclear war, there were changes made in health care (no opinions there) and our country had its first African-American President.  It was not perfect, but we all survived.  Maybe with some shin splints and blisters along the way, but in the end, we completed the marathon.

But now, it’s time to try a new shoe, a new President.  One with new colors, new pace, and a new outlook.  A clean-cut and a fresh start.   It’s a different mold, a different sole but still capable.  Yes, we are hesitant, can this new shoe be trusted, will it cause some pain along the way, will it carry us the mileage that we need?  Who knows.  We shouldn’t judge before we even try them on.  Sometimes you just have to say goodbye to the old, and in with the new. We need to pace ourselves and keep moving forward.

As for the other brand of shoe that America didn’t buy, the one with pink laces, it just wasn’t her time.  She ran a tough race but in the end, got beat.  I would have liked to seen a female president, but like in running races, men have an advantage.  The shoes with the pink laces had issues.  But she stood the test of time and serious trials, and somehow was still standing on two feet.   She just wasn’t fast enough.  Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

There are several tools in running that can make a run great.  Breathing, stretching and a positive outlook.  So my advice for America is take some deep breaths, the election is over and our new President is here.  Stretch and warm-up, the race is starting soon.  Keep a positive outlook, look for the beauty, and find the peace.

I went for a test run in my new shoes today.  An easy 6 miles.  A little off-balance at first, but it felt good, no pain, and I felt new.  These shoes are solid, strong enough to carry me many miles.  There may be issues down the path, but I am confident they can be worked out, just like with our new President.