How to Feel Like You Are in High School Again

Group Of Teenage Friends Dressed For Prom

High school seems like a forever ago, but really only 2o+ years.  (Ok, that is seriously a long time!)  I was a different person back then, with a completely different life.  I cannot even remember living in those days, or it is very hard to.  This past Sunday though, I got a flashback and I felt like I was in highschool again!

After church we always go to lunch.  Usually a big group of us, like 20-30 people.  We vary where we go.  Finding a place that can accommodate a big group is tricky.  Also, half the group is kids and that always makes people nervous.  But this Sunday we went to Tijuana Flats.

I like Tijuana Flats, the food is good, they have healthy alternatives and for a family of 5 we usually can get out under $40, which is a bonus.  They also are open to allowing us to move tables so we can all sit at one big table.  The downside is, you have to order at the counter which is fine unless there is a long line, and Sunday there was a long line.

But the good thing about this is, they play music there, and loudly.  As soon as I entered, I heard the song, “These are the Days” by 10,000 Maniacs, and was flooded with happy memories and feelings of youth.  This, you see, was my Prom theme.  1993 in a Chicago suburban high school, I was taken back.  I cheerfully sang the words and danced to the beat.  I felt like I was 17 again!  My kids were looking at me like “what the heck happened to mom?”  I even caught a younger lady in line looking at me with a smile, perhaps she too was having a youthful flashback.

“These are days, you’ll remember

Never before and never since, I promise

Will the whole world be warm as this and as you feel it

You’ll know it true that you are blessed and lucky

It’s true that you are touched by something

That will grow and bloom in you”

Wow!  I do remember those days.  Like it was yesterday.  Even more than I remember yesterday.  The lyrics from These are the Days perfectly fit a high school graduation song for the year 1993.  Those were the days.

I remember like 20 of my friends went on a yacht after the Prom dance on Lake Michigan.  The next day we all went to Lake Geneva and all hung out for the weekend.  The perfect memory.

So, if you want to feel 17 again.  Listen to your high school Prom song.  It may not bring back happy memories like mine, but it sure will take you back.   To a time, before a job, marriage, kids, a mortgage and endless laundry.  A brief period in time when life was simple.  Still happy at this stage of life, but it never hurts to visit the past!

What was your prom theme?



Five Reasons to Love Middle-age


Being 41 years old has taught me a few things, but I still have some “aging” issues to overcome.  Going gray has been a legit fear of mine for probably about 10 years now.  I used to dye my hair in my twenties and early 30’s because it was cool (I wanted to be blonde) and I thought my real hair color was boring, mousey brown.  I saw many of my peers going gray in their 30’s and I started to freak a little, and decided that I was going to stop dying my hair to enjoy my last few years of not being obligated to dye my hair.  I must say that the gray hair color strip at the roots is a pet peeve of mine, sorry ladies.  I know, this is ridiculous.

But why is it that going gray such a fear of mine? Is it because I am afraid to look old? To other people? Or to myself?

Concerned young woman combing hair in bathroom

Reality check, with gray hair comes a life long enough to have gray, and that is worth it.  Or should I say it’s worth every gray!  Yes, we are aging.  But it’s ok, it’s what is supposed to happen and we should enjoy it.  We are not over the hill, we are on top of it.

5 Ways to Love Being Middle-aged

1) Be proud.  Growing old is a privilege that not everyone gets to do.  We all know someone who died at a young age and think of what they missed out on.  We were young once too, been there done that, moving on.

2) Stand up for yourself.  Lot’s of young millennials joke at me at work for being the “old lady”.  I reply, “look at my paycheck and we’ll see who’s laughing now”.  We have a lot of experience and wisdom, and with that brings higher pay and more freedom, yeah!

3) We are, or should be, in cruise control.  We are done with school, done with having kids, have jobs, steady relationships, regular housing, and now we just can live.  This is the time to enjoy all our past hard work.

4) We don’t care what others think of us, at least not as much as we used to. We no longer need approval from others.  I also stopped doing activities that I dislike, just because I thought everyone was doing them.   No more yoga, yes!

5) We are content, or should be, with our bodies.  We may not be tight or lean, but this body has stood the test of time and child-bearing.  Yes, health and fitness are still a priority but it no longer stresses me out.  I take care of myself because I want to live a longer life, not to fit into a size 6.

So all you 40 year-olds, you ROCK! Hope this pep talk helps:)