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If you spend some time around my site you will notice that I am not your average “momblogger”, although I am a mom who blogs.  I don’t write about cupcake recipes or party themes.  Those things are not my forte and really not that important in the scheme of life.  What is important is internal peace, joy and eternity.  Those can only be accomplished through a relationship with God.

My tagline is “The struggle is real, but so is God.  Encouragement and guidance for the Lost.”  Let me explain.  The struggle is real is defined in the urban dictionary as “The hardness and difficulties of every day life being unbearable and apparent.”  Meaning, life is going to throw you curve balls, no matter who you are and there are no guarantees.  Life is a struggle.  I don’t know who everyone is trying fool.  I had a great childhood, loving parents, upper class suburban living, college education, married college sweetheart, 3 awesome kids and I still have had issues with depression, insecurities, fear, doubt, anger and anxiety.  That all changed when I came to know God.  He is the answer to all the questions.

Why are we here?  God.

Who made us? God.

What is my purpose?  To know, love and share God and to use the talents that God gave me.

What do bad things happen?  Because God allows them.  He is the Master with a plan that we don’t have control over.

Why is the sky blue?  God.

Why is my hair straight?  God.

How to I improve my life?  Get out of the way and let God take over.

Got any more?  Nothing in this universe is out of God’s control.  Once we all stop doubting His existence and surrender your life to Him, we can fulfill the plan He has for us.  We also get the love, joy and grace that He promises.

Another phrase is my tagline is “Spreading the Seeds of God’s Love and Guidance.” This blog is for the lost, those that don’t know God, not for well-established Christians.  I want to speak to you in an everyday language that non-believers can understand.  So much Christian reading is heavy in scripture and theology that it is intimidating to the lost and is hard to understand.

I am not an expert.  I do not have all the answers.  My goal is to encourage and guide the lost to come to know and love God.  These blog post are examples of how the struggle is real, but how God is also.  I want to be the dandelion that spreads the seeds.